A Refreshing Cocktail


Summer may be close to an end but gin season is in full swing. Kelly Schneider, our resident cocktail guru has been inspired by the resurgence of gin in the mixology world. She provided us with some great recipes and the verdict is in. You don’t need to love gin in order to love Kelly’s cocktails.
Her latest concoction is a Sparkling Grape Crush and, similar to her other creations, it drinks as easy as is to make. It’s also her “absolute favorite cocktail”.

Get Kelly’s recipe below and watch her provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to whip up a Sparkling Grape Crush.

Sparkling Grape Crush Recipe

Ingredients & Tools:

• 1 oz. Nolet’s Gin
• ½ oz. Simple Syrup
• ¾ oz. Lemon Juice
• 8 Grapes
• Champagne
• Ice
• Shaker Tin
• 16 oz. glass
• Wine Glass


1. Add the gin, simple syrup and lemon juice to a 16oz. glass filled halfway with ice.
2. Lightly squeeze the grapes above the glass and add to the glass.
3. Top the glass with a shaker tin and give it a light shake.
4. Pour in a wine glass.
5. Top with champagne.